Lionhearted Learning supports our school in assessing every student in all reading and spelling strategies and developing individualized and small group plans for their growth.  Lionhearted Learning supports the classroom teachers as well as parent tutors who work with students to identify and address the needs of developing readers.  Students with special needs that require highly specialized interventions, such as dyslexia, can receive additional  tutoring from the professionals at Lionhearted Learning for a fee.

Math support and math intervention is provided by teachers and other trained parent tutors.

Individual Educational Plan: IEP Screening and Support

State and federal laws provide for special education programs to address the needs of students with learning, speech, hearing and physical handicaps. Screening students for funded support  is administered through the Rosemount, Eagan, Apple Valley school district.  Teachers will alert parents if there is evidence that an evaluation would be valuable.  After an IEP screening, students receive services only when their scores in a variety of areas meet the state and federal criteria for funded additional support.

Individual Learning Plans

At Christian Heritage Academy, students are encouraged to grow and learn to the maximum of their abilities.  We realize that not all students learn in the same way or at the same pace. The “average range” of learning is actually very, very broad. When an IEP and/or a physical condition has been ruled out, parents, teachers, and the principal meet to create an Individual Learning Plan that specifies accommodations that can be made within the classroom to support the student.

Digital Learning Programs and Technology

Students who need assistance are able to utilize Read and Write- Chromebook Extension, Co-Writer and other assistive technology. Students also have access to specific learning and practice programs on their school Chromebook.