General Music Students will have a rotation of general music during the year. We strongly believe, and ongoing research indicates, that the “process” of learning a musical instrument and participation in musical ensembles contribute in many positive ways to a child’s overall mental development.

Bells and Recorders are offered at various grades in elementary school for one trimester.

Band Lessons are available after the school day for a fee.

Private Lessons  Depending on the music teacher, private violin, piano, and voice lessons may be offered. Parents contract with directly with the teachers.They participate in at least one recital each year.


Creative Arts and Communication

All students participate in Creative Communication classes that develop speech, drama, and other skills of expression. All students participate in a Christmas production and a spring  musical theater production.

Arts and Crafts

Many opportunities are offered for creative expression and artistic creations in the classroom. Currently, parent volunteers have launched an art appreciation series of famous artists onto the classrooms. Students create their own works of art modeled after famous works.