Accreditation: A Pursuit of Excellence

Christian Heritage Academy is a fully  accredited school through the Minnesota Nonpublic School Accreditation Association (MNSAA) and the National Federation of Nonpublic School State Accrediting Association.

These accrediting agencies establish a framework for the best possible program for learners and validate that the school has met high standards and is actively seeking a quality educational program. The school program and organization periodically goes through intensive self evaluation and than a review by professional educators who are not associated with the school and who uphold rigorous standards. Students are taught by qualified and professional certified teachers. Schools comply with the State of Minnesota guidelines for health and safety.

MNSAA serves a mix of faith-based and independent private schools and supports the diversity reflected in each school while requiring rigorous standards of education.


Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)
Minnesota Independent School Forum (MISF)