Academics: Solidly Prepared

  • Specialists in all core subject
  •  A strong emphasis on English language arts including grammar, writing, spelling, researching, and reading
  • Singapore-based math curriculum that uses concrete and pictorial experiences to develop an understanding  concepts
  • Developing STEM program
  • An Uncommon Core that places God’s story of redemption and man’s story of needing redemption as part of the study of history, geography, science, and literature
  • Small classes that build a strong middle school community and a
  • Physical education classes that develop life time sports, fitness skills, and fun
  • Creative arts and drama program where everyone participates and learns
  • Chromebook 1:1 program...but not all of the time!
  • Online grade and assignment book
  • 8th grade Capstone Project combining research, field experiences with professionals, and project presentation

Faith: Not Just a Subject but the Way We Live

  • Faith: not just a subject to study but a natural part of our everyday life as we respond to God
  • SOAP Devotions: Scripture, Observations, Application, Prayer                                                                                                           
  • Bible & Life classes: develop a knowledge of the Bible and how it still applies to teens and our society today 
  • Teachers who live their faith: each unique, each serving Christ, each a God-work in progress  
  • Chapel: Once a week with  middle school students needs at its heart. 
  • Regular hands-on- learning in serving our neighbors                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Opportunities for Leadership and Responsibility

  • Students engage and lead activities with younger students
  • Jobs and responsibilities at school prepare them for some of the mundane work of service
  • Pursuit Academy for 6th graders that develops basic entrepreneurial skills 


  • Teacher/Advisers who help students identify strengths, weaknesses, academic, organizational, and personal goals.
  • Advisory sessions address topics such as  organization, study habits, homework, devotions, conflict, personal goals.
  • Conflict Resolution Skills taught and practiced
  • Student developed middle school rules
  • Developing manners, respect, and responsibility

What do I want? What do I Need?

Young adolescents will always push for what they want and need. At Christian Heritage Academy, our goal is to help them satisfy at least some of their desires (what they think they want and need) without sacrificing their education or their safety and well being. We want to launch them into becoming self-guided and self-disciplined young people who will achieve success in the future. Some of our tools include teachers who understand them to the best of their abilities, school structures that work with adolescents, advisers that mentor them in educational and personal growth and opportunities for choice and reflection. Bible studies and prayer time anchor our studentsin finding themselves, their self-esteem, and their guide for the future in Jesus Christ. The we sprinkle in lots of fun!