A Dress Code that Supports Decision Making

CHA chooses to implement a dress code rather than standardized uniforms for our students for many reasons. Dressing appropriately under the guidelines set at a work place or social gathering is a life skill that is learned through out a child’s life. We give students the opportunity to make appropriate clothing choices for themselves each day, making them address the changes in fashion, together with what is appropriate at school according to the dress code, and to be a person who demonstrates Jesus. The school environment functions best when personal appearance does not distract from learning. The goal of the dress code is to be practical, simple, and to reflect the principles of good sense, modesty, and appropriateness

Our Classrooms Teams

CHA has small, friendly classes that can be compared to being on a team. Not all children become best friends but  they will have experiences in building respectful and encouraging relationships and in resolving conflict. They will have direct and mentored modeling and practice in respectful disagreement. They will learn to accept all team members with their strengths and weaknesses and develop the skills to do positive team talk and inclusive group work. They will work hard at positive team building and not negative rejection. This is tough stuff for little kids but by eighth grade, we watch our students become a better support team for each other.

A Peanut Free School: All snacks, treats, lunches

Cell Phone Policy

Personal cell phones and electronic devices are not allowed to be used during the school day by students and may not be kept by the student during the school day. ALL cell phones and other electronic devices must be turned off and turned in to the classroom teacher by 8:15. They will be returned to students at the end of the day. Neglecting to turn these in will result in discipline and may include losing the privilege to bring these items to school.

Weekly Chapel

Chapel is a casual, “family gathering” that is  focused on exploring our relationship with God through music, frequently noisy games, drama and class presentations.

Safe and Secure Facility

The school building was designed to provide a welcoming but secure environment. The building is kept locked during the school day and visitors must enter through the school office. All school staff are CPR trained.

Google Chromebook School

Middle school students have a 1:1 Chromebook program at school. Elementary students have access to Chromebooks as part of their coursework. Students must sign a technology use and digital citizenship form.

P.S. We Love Parent Volunteers